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ChannelSight Converts Prospects Into Buyers.

Brands increase sales with ChannelSight by enabling customers to quickly and easily find their desired products without distraction at authorised retailers, in order to complete their purchase instantly.
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How it Works


Customer clicks a button‘Buy Now’ added to digital content

Brand digital content has Buy Now buttons integrated - quickly and easily.

Customer gets buying optionsCustomers begin to Buy Now

Users engage with the Buy Now buttons, driving increased sales on partner retailers.

Supplier makes a saleEveryone wins

Sales increase and actionable, insightful user behaviour data is generated for the brand.

ChannelSight Enabled Brands


Where it can be used

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03-wccsbu-iconEmail Campaigns
04-wccsbu-iconMobile Apps
05-wccsbu-icon Desktop Applications
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09-wccsbu-icon Display Advertising
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Sectors we cover

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Increase Sales

Send warm leads to happy retailers.

Drive increased sales via channel partners by sending customers who are ready to purchase your product now directly to their preferred retailer without competitive distraction in order to instantly complete their purchase.

Customer Satisfaction

Dramatically improved user experience and convenience

Prospective buyers are presented with relevant, localised retailer listings, enabling them to choose their preferred option and be brought directly to the product purchase page on their chosen retailer. This saves the customer time, increases convenience, improves the likelihood of conversion.


Better Relationships

A better buying process brings better relationships.

Brands who successfully leverage a channel leads programme drive more revenue and gain more market share versus the competition.

Having a more efficient channel leads solution means your customers are likely to buy more, become repeat purchasers and share their positive experiences with others via social media.

Channel partners are more likely to seek increased exposure to your product range due to the volume and quality of the leads being sent to them.

Competitor Intelligence

Access detailed reports with actionable competitive insights

With access to the latest competitive intelligence as well as granular historical changes, you can monitor your competitive position and act on changes to maximise your positioning. Latest and historical breakdowns by region, category, partner and product are also available. Helping you make informed decisons and to better support your channel partners.


Global Intelligence

Real-time, accurate, actionable insights

Your team will have a global overview of all the relevant insights necessary to help them assess the current situation across various key channel metrics, then take action in order to drive greater value out to your partners worldwide.

Instant Results

Activate ChannelSight, Drive Channel Leads, See Results. It’s that Easy!

Improve productivity with easy access to timely, accurate campaign data and reports. One click access with actional insights from anywhere in the world means your team always has the most relevant data to hand, wherever they are.

About Us

ChannelSight is an Irish technology company focused on providing channel optimisation solutions for brands and their trade partners. Our team is made up of industry veterans with global experience, who understand the issues and challenges faced by brands in driving increased value out to their customers.


We're constantly innovating and have a dedicated research team focussed on improving our ability to manage the vast quantities of data necessary to provide a comprehensive solution.

The founders are all experienced in establishing and growing successful technology businesses, which have disrupted established players through innovative, cutting-edge technology.

The founders are all experienced in establishing and growing successful technology businesses, which have disrupted established industry players through innovative, cutting-edge technology.



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